Land for Sale?
Land for Sale?
Our friendly team will assist you through the entire process and speed things up.
Sell your land today fast
Sell your land today fast
Experienced team available to make the process easy and rewarding.
Selling land is simplified with DML
Selling land is simplified with DML
Take the headache out of selling your land and let DML help
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Our team work fast, ensuring that your home or land is sold as quickly as possible for you.
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At DML we help landowners find and implement the most efficient and hassle free strategy to maximise profits from their land. Regardless of what stage of the process you are currently at, our highly experienced and dedicated team are on hand to help you navigate effortlessly through the procedure in a way, that only we know how.

Our team’s already extensive knowledge and hands on experience is strengthened further by our large network of tested professionals who have expertise in all aspects of the planning, developing and marketing stages.

With our dedication and attention to detail you won’t find a better one stop shop to cater to all of your land and property requirements.

Specialists in planning


After initial contact we can carry out a free consultation to help establish the estimated costs and likelihood of obtaining planning consent. This feasibility study can save thousands of pounds and many hours of wasted time. This initial meeting also enables up to establish the best strategy for you moving forward.

You can choose to sell without planning, let someone else take the planning risks with an option agreement or enter a joint venture agreement and continue with a financial backer.

We have extensive contacts and close working relationships with various banks, brokers and personal lenders and can help advise on which might be the best route for you to follow.

We also have a network of investors who will purchase land prior to planning applications. We can also help to negotiate option agreements and joint venture deals.

Experts On Hand

Here to help you every step of the way



Having already developed millions of pounds worth of property, we have the expertise and resources to establish the most profitable way for you to progress. We help with analysing the best procedures, choosing proven developers who can adhere to quality and budget requirements and even project manage the build.

We strategically plan every step of the way to keep costs at bay and maximise your profits. If you want a faster return or lower risk strategy we can offer various options which allow you to receive funds prior to planning or have other investors cover all costs related to planning and developing your site.

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